Up and Over Garage Doors in Somerset, Bath & Bristol

ADL Garage Doors supplies and installs up and over garage doors in Somerset, Bath & Bristol

Large up and Over Garage Door

Up and Over garage doors in Somerset are the most popular and common style of garage door. Up and over garage doors are called the ‘up and over’ garage doors because of the way the garage door retracts into your garage.

The up and over garage door comes in two different types, canopy garage doors & retractable garage doors. Each style of these up and over garage doors has their own unique qualities…

Canopy Garage Doors

Canopy Garage Doors

This type of up and over garage door has rollers running vertically on the door posts and a large spring across the top of the garage door. When fully open the door does not retract all the way in to your garage but leaves a section creating a canopy in the front of the garage. These doors do not have horizontal runners into the garage.

Retractable Garage Doors

Retractable Garage DoorsThis type of up and over garage door normally runs on tracks under the ceiling of the garage. Large springs can be seen on both sides of the retractable up and over garage door. When fully open the door will retract all the way into the garage.

Canopy Up-and-Over Garage Door from our Hormann range

Retractable Up-and-Over Garage Door from our Hormann range

Below are a few of the popular patterns available with the Steel Up and Over collection (other patterns and colours available)

Beaumont (windows)          Horizon                          Carlton                               Cathedral

Beaumont                          Georgian                         Chevron                          Sherwood


A Selection of the Timber Up and Over door Collection (other patterns available)

Ashton                                      Ashton Chevron            Barrington                    Bosworth

Cedar Chevron                          Hinton                            Kingsbury                       Rochdale

Vertical Cedar

A Selection of the GRP Up and Over Collection (other patterns available)

Arden                                      Arden Window              Ashurst                           Ashurst Window

Hazelbury                               Hazelbury Windows   Kenmore                         Stamford

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